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Courses for Children


 In our school we organise courses for children from 3 to 15 years of age. Students are placed in adult courses from the age of 16.

According to both age and ability children are divided at our Castle into these categories:

kids-skupiny kittens princes and princesses puppies queens and kings jesters knigths individualni vyuka anglictiny

What can you look forward to?

  • The lessons are really fun. The different active and passive activities change during the lesson from listening, to song practice, to active games, to competitions and drawing, to working with textbooks and workbooks, to acting, to video activities, and much more.
  • We pay maximum attention to each child thanks to the small number of children in each group.
  • There are about 4-6 kids in one group.
  • We use a special methodology for each level of student.
  • Parents receive a syllabus at the beginning of the school year and we also keep you informed about progress and problems.
  • We guarantee continuity of study from year to year all the way up to the age of 15.
  • We pride ourselves on the high quality of study material.
  • We specialise in providing entertaining and well prepared lessons.
  • Encouragement is a very important part of our lessons. Even small attempts are praised and rewarded.
  • We only employ highly qualified native speakers or professional Czech teachers.
  • There are Christmas performances for parents.
  • We present Castle Certificates at the end of the school year.

How to enrol?

  1. Fill in the online application form and then click SEND.
  2. Shortly after you will receive a confirmation email.
  3. We will inform you about the start of a course via email.

Enrolment in courses for children for the school year 2019/20 is starting now.

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