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Individual courses - ONE TO ONE

  • Efficiency - Due to the intensity of one to one you can make rapid progress in a short time. The pace of the lesson, the diversity of the material used, and the method of studying will be exactly tailored to your specific demands maximizing your rate of progress.
  • Focus - The syllabus is constructed entirely to suit your level of English, your specific problems with English, your interests, and needs. You will receive very detailed personal guidance on how to improve the areas of English that are most important for you. You will significantly boost the areas of vocabulary that are most relevant to you. Your grammar problems will be resolved and you will have the opportunity to learn and use new grammar forms.
  • Flexibility - You can change the time, subject or location of your lesson up to 24 hours in advance to suit your requirements. You can also cancel and reschedule your lesson to another day 24 hours in advance at no extra charge.


Duration:60 minutes90 minutes
Native speaker 460,- 660,-
Czech teacher 400,- 580,-
Combination dependant on schedule

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