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Who are courses for?

This category is for children who attend the 1st or 2nd class of a primary school.

You can choose from 4 possibilities:
Jesters 1 low :
Children in the 1st class. Lower level of English.

Jesters 1 high : Children in the 1st class. Higher level of English.

Jesters 2 low : Children in the 2nd class. Lower level of English.

Jesters 2 high : Children in the 2nd class. Higher level of English.


  • Lessons (60 minutes long) are held once a week.
  • The tutoring of these children still has a lot of common with the tutoring of kindergarten children. However children of this age understand and can use more words and they are able to create longer sentences. They also study how to spell and read words.
  • Parents receive a regular guide of what to study at home.
  • Lessons are lead by a native or a Czech speaker, who use an absolute minimum of Czech language during the lessons.
  • This course is a good addition to English lessons at their regular school. Thanks to a low number of children in one group children have more opportunities to speak than at school. They can be also more creative.
  • This level of study has continuity and links to the next year – PRINCES AND PRINCESSES.

Courses in 2019/20:

Jesters 1 low:

Thursday 17.00-18.00 (Czech teacher)

Jesters 1 high:

Monday 17.00-18.00 (Czech teacher)

Wednesday 15.45-16.45 (Native speaker)

Jesters 2 high:

Monday15.45-16.45(Native speaker)

Wednesday 17.00-18.00(Native speaker)

Thursday 15.45-16.45 (Native speaker)


Beginning of courses: 16.9.2019
End of courses: 21.6.2020

2.220,-/ half term price (czech teacher)
3.990,-/ annual price (czech teacher)
2.400,-/ half term price (native speaker)
4.290,-/ annual price (native speaker)



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