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Exam Preparation Courses

You can receive professional tutoring towards any specific exam in English. We have a lot of experience and success in preparing students for a number of different exams. All exam classes have a maximum of 6 students to intensify attention on each student’s progress. Our school has a 100% pass rate for all Cambridge exams and we pride ourselves on thoroughly preparing our students for all aspects of the examinations. All exam classes are taught by our directors who have a wealth of experience in exam preparation for all levels. They know the tips and tricks that can mean the difference between getting an A or a B. Before any speaking exam you’ll receive a free mock exam lesson to make sure you are completely ready and confident on the day of your speaking exam. We care about your exam success; a pass for you is a pass for us.


We can prepare you for a wide variety of exams including:

  • School-Leaving Exams
  • State Exams
  • Cambridge PET, FCE or CAE Exams



90 minutes/week

Duration:Half term (5 months)A year (10 months)
Number of students    4-6 4-6
Native speaker 4.150,- 7.950,-


One to one:

Duration:60 minutes90 minutes
Native speaker 440,- 660,-
Czech teacher 380,- 550,-
Combination dependant on schedule

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