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Who are courses for?

This category is for the children aged 5 - 6.

You can choose from 2 levels:

Puppies 1: Total beginners
Puppies 2: Children who know some basic vocabulary and phrases, or children who have studied in Kittens or Puppies 1.


  • Puppies have got a lesson once a week and the lesson lasts 60 minutes – without parents or grandparents.
  • Children can concentrate just for few minutes; therefore the lesson must be dynamic, entertaining and full of action and movement. We change activities every 5-10 minutes. We also use calm down activities when it’s necessary. Using well known activities and games we support self-confidence and certainty.
  • Parents receive a regular guide of what to study at home.
  • Lessons are lead by a Czech teacher who speaks to children mostly in English. Czech is rarely used – to support confidence or to help them to express themselves.
  • This level of study has continuity and links to the next year – JESTERS.

Why start at such an early age?

  • It’s the best age for introduction to a foreign language.
  • Children absorb a foreign language automatically and naturally through games, competitions and other activities and they learn English in the same way as their mother tongue.
  • A lot of songs, rhymes, stories, pictures and games are used during the lessons. Children play and learn at the same time.
  • This age is unrepeatable and the ability to absorb another language is extraordinary.

Courses in 2019/20:

Tuesday 15.45-16.45 (Czech teacher)

Thursday 15.45-16.45 (Czech teacher)


Monday 15.45-16.45 (Native speaker)

Tuesday 15.45-16.45 (Native speaker)

Wednesday 17.00-18.00 (Czech teacher)

Thursday 15.45-16.45 (Native speaker)

Beginning of courses: 16.9.2019
End of courses: 21.6.2020

2.220,-/ half term price (czech teacher)
3.990,-/ annual price (czech teacher)
2.400,-/ half term price (native speaker)
4.290,-/ annual price (native speaker)


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